Supply Chain Management & Forecasting

Maximise the flow of goods while keeping expenses in the distribution of goods to the minimum.

Supply Chain Management

Maximise the flow of goods, from supplier to point of sale, while minimising the expense of goods distribution with the help of our Supply Chain Management feature.

This feature can create purchase orders based on forecasts, min-max stocking levels, or average sales. Products can be selected by the department, group, or attribute and viewed by the in-house product code or the supplier product code.

  • See previous order history when creating manual supplier purchase orders.
  • Analyse supplier performance to maximise supplier efficiency.
  • Check use-by dates when receiving goods to control the quality of goods.
  • Warehouse orders can be driven by store demand and the generation of store orders can be done via fast-tracking, cross-docking, or scheduled automated ordering, based on forecast or stocking levels.
  • Create purchase orders for delivery to the warehouse or drop-ship goods to stores direct from suppliers.
  • All stock movements are audited, making it easy to monitor returns to suppliers and the warehouse by reason code.

Product Features

Below you can see a selection of features that are available directly from the Supply Chain Management & Forecasting module. Please get in touch with us to discuss the features in more detail.
  • Receipt and Put-away of Inventory
  • Receipt Of Inventory Scheduling
  • Radio Frequency Hand Held or Truck Mounted Terminals
  • Return of Stock to Supplier
  • Warehouse & Store Stock Valuations
  • Stock Audit Ledger
  • Store Deliveries – Picking Lists, Dispatch & Store Charging
  • Inter-Warehouse Movement of Stock
  • Stock-Take and Audit Facilities
  • Hand Held Terminal – Picking, Inventory Counts etc.
  • Multi Bin Inventory Control
  • Warehouse Mapping
  • Shelf Life Control
  • Pick Face Replenishment (Automatic & Manual)
  • Picker Performance Report
  • Warehouse Service Level reports
  • Picking studio & analysis

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