Production Control

Manage production and achieve complete traceability with batch control & labelling

Production Control

Our Production Control module can be used to manage the production of finished goods such as kits or pre-prepared meals. It can also be utilised for the management of production facilities, for example, controlling raw food products through a bakery, or butchery.

Product Features

Below you can see a selection of features that are available directly from the Production Control module. Please get in touch with us to discuss the features in more detail.
Complete Traceability
  • For beef products complete traceability is achieved throughout the company using the carcass tag numbers. Whether from your own cutting plant or bought in, the use of unique barcoded product labels created within the production process allows a carcass to be traced from the farm right through to the point of sale.
  • Lot numbers and batch numbers allows you to trace bakery products from the raw ingredients through the manufacturing process, to the finished products.
  • The production control feature can also be used in cafes for pre-prepared meals, or simply to make up kits from components.
  • Manage each carcass and see the yield produced
  • Automatically produce labels for use at the point of sale or for prime cuts.
Stock Control
  • At a glance see what stock is available in the company, including what stock is held in the freezers.
  • Reduce waste by using oldest stock first
  • Produce daily production sheets based on store and customer demand.
  • Apportion stock to the stores maximising the selling potential by mixing ‘use by’ dates for produce sent to the stores.

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