Point of Sale

Simple, dynamic point of sale systems make transactions easy

The Point of Sale is the heart of Streetwise Enterprise

With an impressive range of functions along with flexibility and assisted configuration, the RCS point of sale is designed so that it can ‘fit in’ with your existing operation.

Creating tills with your current look and feel, along with ‘mimicking’ your existing functions, the RCS point of sale can be set-up to operate with a minimum re-training for your staff.  Afterwards, add in a wealth of extra features to control and manage your business more efficiently.

Product Features

Below you can see a selection of features that are available directly from the Point of Sale module. Please get in touch with us to discuss the features in more detail.
Standard Features

Product Details

  • Unlimited PLUs
  • Price banding by store
  • Store specific pricing
  • Margin control
  • Dump / Open department codes
  • Coupons
  • Vouchers Issue
  • Voucher Redeem, including security checks
  • Keyword description searches
  • Price Enquiry
  • Age Checking
  • Marketing Messages

Dynamic Keyboard

  • Predicted Tendering
  • Unlimited layers
  • Multiple keyboards
  • Keyboard editor at head office

Refunds & Exchanges

  • Barcoded receipts
  • Refund and discount analysis
  • Analysis by refund reason

Floating Operator

  • Allow transactions for an operator to float between tills
  • Auto sign off from previous till

Promotions, Offers and Price Reductions

  • Value
  • Percentage
  • Mix and match
  • Multi-buy
  • Bulk quantity Discounts
  • Date range price reductions
  • Local pricing

Product/Shelf Edge Labelling

  • Produce price embedded labels from integrated scales in the deli department or butchery department.
  • Produce product labels
  • Production labels
  • Layaway labels

Integrated Chip & Pin, with numerous payment gateways including;

  • Verifone
  • Evalon
  • Opayo (SagePay)
  • WorldPay
Stock Control and Ordering
  • View Stock Position at other Locations
  • View Stock On Order at the Warehouse
  • Create a warehouse order at the point of sale
  • Create Order/Place Demand

Perfect for cafes, restaurants and table service.

  • Table service
  • Split bills
  • Move covers across tables
  • Kitchen printing
  • On screen table layout
  • Colour coded tables to see status of tables
  • Record covers
  • Mobile payment

Keep customers returning to your store.

  • Capture Customer Details
  • Customer Loyalty Cards
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Promotions
  • Discounts
  • Marketing and mail shots
Floating Operator
  • Allow transactions for an operator to float between tills
  • Auto sign off from previous till
Customer Accounts

Great for Business customers, Sales order processing and Clubs – e.g. Christmas Club

  • A4 Invoice Printing
  • Credit Notes
  • Deposits
Keyboard Design

Maintain keyboard layouts from head office

  • Comprehensive
  • Keyboard Editor
  • Unlimited Layers
  • Dynamic Keyboard
  • Images On Buttons
Weighed Items
  • PC based integrated scales, e.g. Avery and Bizerba
  • Manage wastage by weighing it at the point of sale with automatic stock reduction
  • Produce price embedded barcodes
  • ‘Add to’ individual sale, e.g. pick and mix

Or, run the RCS point of sale completely on a dedicated scale such as the Avery MX range

  • Layaway and re-call layaway by scanning recipt
  • Layaway from deli counter or butcher counter and ‘add into’ a transaction
  • Multiple Holds and re-call
Point Of Sale Analysis

Comprehensive drill down reporting-

  • Refund analysis
  • Sales reporting by fiscal periods
  • Promotion hits
  • Margin reporting
  • Best/Worst sellers
  • Department/Group reporting
  • Product attribute reporting
  • Supplier analysis
  • Clerk analysis
  • Hourly sales analysis
  • See who is giving discounts
  • Employee details
  • and more

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