Mobile Stock Control

Complete and intuitive control over your entire supply chain

Mobile Stock Control

Manage the company’s supply chain using mobile, handheld devices. Designed specifically to be operated in-store and warehouse environments, our Mobile Stock Control feature allows operators simple access to the system for easy control and management of your business!

With a clean user-focused interface, your operatives will love the features of our mobile stock control module.

  • At a glance see what stock is available, including what stock is held in the freezers.
  • Reduce waste by using the oldest stock first.
  • Produce daily production sheets based on store and customer demand.
  • Apportion stock to the stores maximising the selling potential by mixing ‘use by’ dates for produce sent to the stores.

Product Features

Below you can see a selection of features that are available directly from the Mobile Stock Control module. Please get in touch with us to discuss the features in more detail.
Store Functions
  • Perpetual Stock Take or Sample Stock Takes
  • Receive Goods from Supplier
  • Record and View Stock Adjustments
  • View Company Stock across all Locations
  • Create Supplier Purchase Orders
  • Stock Transfers from one Store to Another
  • Return Stock to Warehouse
  • Print Shelf Edge Labels
  • Print Price Change Labels
  • Print Goods Receipt Labels
  • Print Ad-hoc labels
  • Price Checking
Warehouse Functions
  • Good Receiving From Suppliers
  • Goods Receiving for immediate Cross Dock to Stores
  • Good receiving into Holding Areas
  • Put Away into Warehouse Bins
  • Re-Locate Stock in the Warehouse
  • Bulk to Pick Face Replenishment
  • Record and View Stock Adjustments
  • Stocktaking, by Zone, Bin, Supplier, Department, etc
  • Returns to Supplier
  • Pick Store Orders
  • Pick Customer Orders
  • View Stock across the Company
  • Quality Control Checking

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