Cross Dock Ordering

Complete control of goods received into the warehouse

Cross Dock Ordering

The Cross Dock Ordering module is rich in useful warehousing features, including enabling goods received at the warehouse to be despatched immediately to stores, freeing up time and space in the warehouse!

Goods received are transferred to a cross dock area in the warehouse to be designated to stores where they are required, before being put away. Any stock remaining at the cross dock can then be stored more easily in the warehouse.

Cross dock ordering provides considerable benefits for both the warehouse and the buyers. Stock can be delivered to stores more quickly and fewer people are required in the shipping process.

Buyers can balance stock in the stores based on the distribution of stock, or their own judgement from a ‘whole of company’ viewpoint, allowing them to generate warehouse picking lists for stock to be sent directly to store.

This flexibility allows complete control of the picking process and runs alongside other warehouse features, such as the picking studio and use of mobile devices.

Use Cross Docking to allow store orders to be created by buyers or the warehouse management team to push stock direct to stores, bypassing the warehouse. There is also a touch-based warehouse ordering option that can run at the point of sale device, which can be used to create ‘top-up’ orders within the stores.

All of this compliments the automated apportionment of warehouse stock-picking process which schedules the generation of store orders based on stocking levels or forecasting models.

The benefits of using the warehouse Cross Dock feature are:

  • Reduction in costs
  • Quicker turnaround of stock
  • More efficient use of available space
  • Better stock availability in store

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