Batch Traceability

Designed to be used for tracing products through a production facility

Batch Traceability

Batch Traceability allows for complete visibility and transparency in the production process. It is streamlined for minimal user input, using touch screen entry on the factory floor. Production control can be integrated into any weighing scales such as Avery Berkel or Bizerba.

An example of how Batch Traceability works can be seen in the production of products from a cutting plant:

While the Streetwise Production system allows for the control of products made from raw materials or components, the Batch Traceability feature can be used extensively to trace a carcass tag number through a cutting plant, allowing for items to be labelled with a unique barcode.

This barcode can then be used to trace back from the point of sale, to where the item was produced.

Each change to the stock, either from meat production, bakery production, stock received, or wastage is recorded on the stock movement audit.  This allows managers to analyse the production process including each carcass, including yield analysis, to where a carcass came from and what it was used in, by the carcass tag number.

Control checks within the production process help to ensure legislation is followed, for example, to ensure that VL95 is produced according to Government regulation.

In production areas, touch screens with integrated scales can be used to record what is being made and ‘where it is happening’. What the goods can be made up from is displayed on the terminal, which is easily recorded and, finally, the system produces product labels automatically from the same process to attach onto the goods ready for sale.

Storage labels will then be produced for any intermediate products. For example, a prime cut label, featuring all the relevant details.

The production system and batch traceability is not limited to a cutting plant and has been used in the following areas, hamper production, confectionery, pre-prepared meals, and bakeries.

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