A recent study found that a Briton purchases an average of 12 takeaway meals per month, spending approximately £1,320 per year!* The numbers shouldn’t surprise us; modern lifestyle, lack of time to spend in the kitchen and numerous takeaway restaurants to choose from have led many amongst us to make the fast-food and takeaway choice. Takeaways are all about fast service; well, those that are successful, at least. In order to thrive in this sector you have to offer impeccable services and quality food at affordable prices. And it couldn’t be done without an EPoS system.

Using an RCS EPoS system for Takeaways guarantees that your business will always run smoothly and efficiently. Developed to suit the specific needs of businesses in this sector, RCS’s EPoS solutions give you the ability to manage incoming orders from various channels as well as payments, deliveries and stock. Many customers may still be coming to your store to place their order; in this case, as well as when customers have pre-ordered and drop by to collect their food, order taking becomes easy as Touch-screen EPoS helps you place orders just by pressing the right buttons on the monitor. The order is directly transferred to the kitchen, via the EPoS system, and no valuable time is lost between placing the order and beginning the preparation. Payment has never been easier before as well; using our Touch-Screen EPoS solutions, our EPoS tills and the integrated Chip & Pin, your customers can pay in a matter of seconds, whether by cash or by card.

If your business already has an online presence then an online ordering system should be in place. Ordering food through an online channel is becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers and that is mainly a result of how fast and easily someone can place an order online. Having a website for your takeaway business offers many pros: you can advertise special offers, run special promotions, upload pictures of your dishes and get directly in touch with your customers by capturing their email addresses and designing your email marketing strategy accordingly. The RCS EPoS systems are directly linked to your online order placing platform; this means that as soon as an order is placed online it is immediately transferred to the kitchen, but also that the central database is updated automatically, giving you accurate information regarding the remaining stock or your cash flow.

It goes without saying that the EPoS system helps you manage telephone orders as well. As soon as you answer a call by an existing customer, the system retrieves all the available information including his personal details and previous orders. That brings serving time down to a minimum but also gives you the opportunity to manage your sales efficiently, since you are able to suggest a product based on a customer’s previous buying habits.

In addition to the above, the system can help you manage delivery times and appoint specific routes to your drivers, always in regard to time and cost efficiency. Last but not least, the system constantly monitors your staff’s performance, your stock as well as your sales progress, providing you with detailed reports. This way you are able to make decisions that will benefit your business or make sure that you never run out of stock on specific products; at the same time, you can rely on the system to automatically place orders on products when your stock is running low.

If you’d like to learn more about our Total EPoS Software and Hardware Solutions and how they can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts today or visit our website for more information – https://rcs-uk.com/.

* http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2303861/Takeaway-UK-Average-Brit-spending-1-320-year-fastfood-buying-12-meals-month.html.