What does EPoS stand for?

EPoS stands for Electronic Point of Sale

What does that mean?

The point of sale is the place in a shop where a customer purchases their chosen items from the business. So in a supermarket it’s the checkout tills, in your local newsagents it’s the counter or at a market it’s the person stood behind the stall with a cash tin.

More specifically, point of sale (pos) is the term used for the system that handles the payment. At its basic level that is a cash tin and a log book or a cash register/till.

The Electronic Point of Sale is a computer system that handles far more than a cash tin or cash register could ever hope to. It has the ability to:

  • Take payments
  • Calculate basket value
  • Apply promotions
  • Track sales
  • Manage stock levels
  • Handle purchasing
  • Manage table service
  • Track customer loyalty
  • Much much more

You can see a full list of features that an EPoS system can do by clicking on the features section here.

Who uses EPoS?

Almost every successful retail or hospitality business will use an EPoS system. Everyone from the top 5 supermarkets down to your local corner shop. Chances are you will have already used an EPoS system when you use the ‘self-checkout’ service at a supermarket.

Next time you visit a shop pay attention to the machine that the member of staff is serving you from. If they are using a touchscreen then it’ll be an EPoS system.

So what does EPoS stand for?

As an acronym it stands for Electronic Point of Sale but as a system it stands for an easy way to run and manage your retail business.

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