Do you work in an environment where your hands get muddy, wet or dirty but you also have to serve customers and operate an EPoS system? You might be a butcher, fish monger, work in a garden centre or a similar profession.

This week I’ve been wandering the UK Business Forums helping answer questions from business owners about EPoS and their shops. It was in one of these topics that a forum member, who owns a garden centre, made the following comment:

Probably touch screen isn’t a good idea. Wet muddy fingers and all…

However wet, muddy fingers are no problem if you have the right EPoS Terminal installed. As another forum member mentioned, you can buy touch screens that are splash proof. Currently, we sell a lot of the Digipos A300 and being splash proof is one of those reasons.

The beauty of an EPoS Solution from Retail Computer Solutions is that our software is hardware independent. This means we’re able to select the best hardware for operating in your store. So if you regularly get your hands wet or muddy then let us know and we’ll make sure the hardware can handle it.

About the Digipos A300


The Digipos A300 is an all-in-one fanless PoS terminal. That means it can sit on top of your counter without cluttering it as the computer is built into the screen.

Another great feature is the bezel-free design which means there is no ‘lip’ for dirt, mud or water to collect in – so it’s easy to keep clean.

Here are other features you might find of interest:

A300 key features


If your more of a visual kind of person then you can learn all about the A300 by watching the video below:

How to buy

To really understand how great this terminal is you need to feel the way the 15″ screen responds to your touch. The best way to do that is to see it sat on your own service counter, just as it will be once you own it. But, you don’t need to imagine how it looks as we’ll bring the A300 direct to your premises for a demonstration, all you need to do is call. Our number is

01924 260020

[Featured Image – Flickr Creative Commons]