In large restaurant/bar chains owners and managers have identified that the longer an employee is away from a customer the less interaction they have, and the less they are selling.

There’s an increase in labour costs, because your employees are spending more time doing a job than they need to. This is why many bars/restaurants decide to utilise hand held devices. Your staff can take orders at the customer’s table, the order is then sent straight to the kitchen printer, where the chef can see immediately what is needed by that table.

Hand held devices are also useful from a customer’s point of view as they can provide security. Hand held systems often have the capabilities for accepting credit card payments, debit card payments at the table side.

Customers are becoming more and more wary of seeing their credit or debit card leaving the table to go behind the scenes, where they may not know or trust what’s going on.

Identity theft is an increasing problem so having a table side system that can take payment can be reassuring.

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