EPoS systems are not only for large chain stores and retail groups such as supermarkets – independent retailers will benefit immensely from this technology too. There are many systems on the market and the key is to choose one that will be right for your indie store.

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We understand just because a retailer doesn’t have a chain of stores across the country doesn’t mean that they don’t want a powerful and flexible solution to drive their sales process.

EPoS systems are exactly that, a powerful retail tool, and independent retailers all over the UK are capitalising on this technology as it becomes ever more financially viable.

We’re personally seeing a big uptake among community stores and community groups as well as co-operatives.

As we’ve mentioned it’s not only large chain stores that will benefit from the deployment of a point of sale system. This is because smaller independent shops also have many of the same issues seen by retail groups, but on a smaller scale.

The best place to start is by speaking to a retail consultant about how a retail technology solution can help your business thrive.

But before you speak with anyone, let’s first look deeper into EPoS for independent retailers.

EPoS Systems In Independent Retail Outlets – Giving Small Retailers A Sales Boost

Firstly, it’s important to remember EPoS systems are more than an advanced form of cash register. They’re an investment that will pay for itself many times over compared to buying a cash register. This is down to the functions and tasks that they’re capable of performing. I’ll explain some of these a little later on.

No doubt your independent shop will see a sales improvement as a result of the EPoS system because you will be able to run reports on the best and worse selling product lines. With the information from that one report you can make money quicker by spending less cash on poor performing product lines and investing that money into your top performers.

An EPoS system has many different reports; imagine how they could help you.

As you can see independent shops require the features provided by an EPoS system the same as any retail group does. And by investing in this retail technology you will gain greater viability across your store.

Things like checking stock levels, reordering stock which is running low and analysing sales are all available in a modern EPoS system.

When you’re ready to buy an EPoS System

Needless to say, smaller, independent retailers won’t have the financial buying power that large chain stores have, but there is a vast array of options available.

For example leasing is a popular option as it reduces the cost of buying a new system into manageable monthly payments rather than spending thousands of pounds on a new system with cash. Cash that could be better spent on merchandise or cash flow.

Leasing is of benefit to independent retailers and chain stores alike.

Another considerable advantage of a retail EPoS solution is their capability to increase the speed and efficiency with which a sale takes place. This, of course, can have an impact on increasing profit because according to YouGov 59% of shoppers are not prepared to wait in a queue with 18% saying they would go to a competitor.

So, are you using an EPoS system in your Independent Retail Outlet?

If not, now is a great time to start looking so you’re ready to buy in the new year.

RCS are one of the UK’s premier suppliers of EPoS systems and offer a range of options to suit any budget and industry type.