EPoS systems are perfect for the bar and nightclub setting because they have been designed to cope with the fast paced nature of this incredibly busy environment. EPoS systems are able to record every single transaction that is entered into the till. Electronic Points of Sale systems have top security features that can handle the kind of challenges that bars and nightclubs throw at them.

Out of the many advantages of EPoS systems one of the greatest would be speed. In a bar or nightclub situation it’s important to be able to process transactions much more quickly than traditional cash machines could. This means that customer service is greatly improved, as queue times will be reduced significantly.

EPoS systems will also allow you to run promotions automatically. So happy hours and two for one offers will no longer be a headache for staff. All your staff will need to do is touch the relevant part of the screen and the price of the desired item will be entered accordingly, once again saving time

Investing in an EPoS systems will dramatically improve your security. Each of your terminals can be password protected meaning that only people who know the specific login information can gain access to the till.

EPoS systems will also keep an accurate inventory of all of your products and this inventory is constantly being updated so you know what items are being solds and which items you need to reorder.

If you’d like more information on EPoS systems please visit the RCS website – https://rcs-uk.com/