Touch screen EPoS systems are similar to other systems however they come with a screen or monitor that allows a cashier to operate the EPoS system by simply touching the screen rather than using a mouse or keyboard. The software allows the system to perform tasks such as adding up basket totals and scanning barcodes. By simply touching the screen every function is accessible as the system is fully electronic.

The touch screen

The software displays the buttons on the screen virtually as the screen has a special layer comprising of sensors. When pressure is applied the sensors can immediately detect when and where the screen was touched and so the software then instructs the screen what to display. Touch screen EPoS systems have several additional functions and have an innovative design as opposed to the conventional standard monitors which makes this system a popular choice.

EPoS systems are now being used in pubs, shops, delicatessens and several other places that make use of check out systems. The touch screen EPoS systems are faster and more intuitive to use than the keyboard system. The unique interface minimises transaction time, increase sales throughput, as well as improve customer service. The touch screens comprise of a sleek flat panel LCD. The touch screen costs more than a computer monitor but it’s well worth the price as they are innovative, reliable, compact and far cheaper to run.

It is possible to buy a touch overlay screen for use on an ordinary monitor however this screen has a tendency to fail and is not recommended. There are several advantages of using an EPoS touch screen system such as linking shop owners with all areas of their business, producing accurate stock control, sales are quick and easy to enter and the system produces accurate clear management reports. The EPoS touch screen system is fully expandable and can identify the slow selling items as well as the best selling items.

The main component of the EPoS touch screen system is the software. The EPoS software features are able to record prices of sold items, operate the cash draw, book stock in and out, transmit data to several business locations, total the VAT, at point of sale a customer receipt is produced, calculates the users running purchase total, display payment methods, records any returned or void transactions and discounts and records dates. The software will also produce stock reports and basic accounting as well as reveal the sales made by staff members.

Touch screen systems provide a comprehensive report of sales transactions, stock purchases, cash versus card payment and refunds. Products can also be flagged with their location for easy identification and virtually everything can be tracked that is done over the EPoS system. Stock levels are recorded and if any stock items are low you will receive an alert on the screen. A preferred choice for many show owners is definitely the EPoS touch screen system.

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