What is an EPoS System?

A retail EPoS system can be customized to specified business requirements and is supplied in an array of varieties based on the software incorporated. It’s a vital tool to many businesses, uniting the supply chain and improving financial accuracy, both at checkout and for accounting purposes. If you are considering installing an EPoS system you need to ensure you choose the right EPoS Supplier who can deliver a system to meet both your needs and budget.

Finding the right EPoS Supplier

When choosing any supplier you need to do some basic research, otherwise you will be unsure of the quality and value for money of your purchase. Buying and installing an EPoS system is not only a big financial investment but it also represents a change to the way your business currently operates. You therefore need to seek out a supplier who can offer not only installation but a full training and aftercare package. You will only get out of the system what you put into it and understanding how your system will work is crucial.

Would it be possible to speak to your past clients?

When appraising your EPoS Supplier you should firstly enquire about previous clients and installations. If previous clients are local you could pay them a visit and ask how they feel about their system and the supplier. Word of mouth recommendations carry a lot of weight so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Do you provide a complete solution?

You should also ask your EPoS Supplier if they are able to integrate the whole solution, or whether they can only deliver a portion of it. Ideally you want the system to be completely integrated and if your supplier can only provide one element, i.e. barcode scanners, then you may find the process slows down or becomes fragmented.

The leading EPoS Suppliers will be able to install from start to finish, including all necessary hardware and software.

What kind of training and education support do you offer?

Ask your potential EPoS Supplier what kind of educational support they will offer you. Even if your business is very small you should still be offered training. You need to fully understand the system in order to get the most from it.

Ask also about their servicing and support. What will happen if your EPoS system fails? Will they come out to repair it immediately or will they leave you waiting? Imagine how a long wait would affect your business at an operational level; for many it would be a disaster.

How much is the system and what are your payment terms?

Pricing is important but don’t just focus on the total bill nor the cheapest supplier. Ask about ways of paying. Do you have to pay in full upfront before work starts? This can cause problems if you are not happy with the system and it can negatively affect your cash flow.

Most of the larger EPoS Suppliers will allow you to pay with a deposit and balance upon completion or even the option to lease.

Make a decision

Installing an EPoS system will enhance the efficiency and profitability of your business, with a more streamlined supply chain that can deliver greater accuracy and productivity.

Once you’ve asked the questions above you should have a better idea of who will be the right EPoS Supplier for you. Then it’s a matter of discussing your exact requirements and placing an order.

Looking for more help?

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