Today’s hospitality industry has become so much more advanced thanks to the introduction of the EPoS system. The great thing about an electronic point of sale system is that they have the ability to process different business transactions quite rapidly without any human errors. Before EPoS systems were introduced into to this industry it was quite a labour intensive and time consuming job to process orders and sales, and there was great potential for servers to make mistakes thus affecting the level of customer satisfaction. EPoS systems have brought customer service to a whole new level.

Restaurants and bars are the two main industries that have benefitted the most form these technologies. RCS understand that these areas require certain requirements and needs to keep ahead of their competitors and this is why we have develops customised EPoS systems so that you can fulfil these needs.

In these modern times almost every, restaurant, bar, takeaway, pub, cafe and nightclub are using PoS systems because there is no other technology on the market that will provide benefits liek an EPoS system. EPoS systems have made the process of order taking much more convenient.  Waiters can simply receive orders from their customers which can be electronically forwarded to the staff that are working in the kitchen. Waiters don’t need to remember the order numbers or table numbers because all of this information is provided by the EPoS, all they have to do is enter information from their clients into the till.

EpoS systems are also a big help when it comes down to understanding customer behaviours. EPoS systems will generate reports that can tell you the strength of weaknesses of customers.

If your hospitality business can stand out from its range of diverse competitors then the EPoS system that you’ve invested in will become indispensable.

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