Here at RCS we have been designing and developing efficient, Total EPoS solutions for the last 24 years. We recognise, though, that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, there’s only so much an EPoS system can do for your restaurant. In the following 10 cases our solutions would probably be almost useless… Or not?

10. Role Models

Yes, everyone else calls it “Venti”; and those that don’t know what a “Venti” is, would just go along with the waitress.  Nope, not this one. No EPoS system could make someone as miserable as Danny, order a coffee like any other normal (or almost normal) client… or enjoy it. If you ever come across a client like this, there’s no use in searching for a special button on your Touch Screen terminal to satisfy his caprice; it’s better to press the “Crazy Person Alarm” button under the counter. (If you don’t have a button like this, get one ASAP!)


09. The Dark Knight

An EPoS system can save you money. It can speed up the service. It can even suggest which wine matches your dinner. It can’t do anything, though, if you offer to sit down for dinner with a two-faced guy that is dating the woman you love. You are on your own there, Batman.


08. Ratatouille

Are you kidding me? You‘ve got a gagged food inspector in the fridge and rats in your kitchen, messing with the food that you serve! What exactly could an EPoS system do for your business?


07. As Good As It Gets

Imagine having to serve a hypochondriac, cynical, misogynist, obsessive-compulsive racist on a daily basis. If you’ve ever come across an EPoS system that could help you, I’d like to see it too.


06. Five Easy Pieces

Actually, an EPoS system could have made a difference here. Tap on number 2 on the Touch Screen monitor, get rid of the chicken, print a receipt for whatever this gent is having. Easy. (You still need to fire that waitress.)


05. When Harry Met Sally

Last time I checked, menus involved various dishes that could satisfy even the most difficult and pickiest of clients… I’ve never been to a restaurant, though, that offered that kind of satisfaction to its clients, nor have I been asked to develop an EPoS system for a restaurant and include a “pleasure for one” function. It’s just not on the menu. Sorry.


04. The Blues Brothers

EPoS or no EPoS, you are helpless if you find yourself in a situation like this; what you need is a waiter that knows how to yield to a nicely played blackmail.


03. Pulp Fiction

She loves her pumpkin, he loves his honey bunny. There ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no EPoS strong enough to keep them from getting you (or your money).


02. Cracking Up

It’s the waitress. Get rid of her. You can fire her, sue her, suspend her… Honestly.


01. Goodfellas

You don’t need an EPoS system for stock control… in a prison cell. All you need is to find the right guys and bribe them.


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