An efficient and speedy EPoS system is crucial for the smooth running of your takeaway business. Your whole customer service experience is driven by how quickly you can serve your customers. Your service process will usually begin with order taking and an EPoS system will allow you to get your orders to your staff as quickly as possible in order to increase the speed of your service/ delivery. There are many ways in which your customer can place an order so it’s important that your EPoS system can handle this!

Telephone orders

Your EPoS system has the ability to identify and retrieve the full details of existing customers as soon as you answer their call. Not only can your EPoS system include details such as a customer’s name and address but your EPoS system can also store details about your customer’s previous order.

Internet orders

Another channel that’s becoming increasingly popular is internet ordering. The web is great method of communicating with your customers as you can upload details of special offers and promotions, as these can be rather time consuming to communicate over the telephone. Internet ordering can also benefit you if you wish to capture your customers e-mail addresses because you’re able push promotions at your customers.

Some takeaways have reported that they have seen up to a 40% growth since introducing online ordering -so it’s important not to ignore this.

At the counter ordering

There will be still many customers that will order over the counter and this is why a reliable EPoS system is vital. Once you take and order it’s important that it is sent to the kitchen straight away.

Your EPoS system will also perform all back-end functions including stock control and detailed reporting.

If you’d like more information on how an EPoS system can benefit your takeaway restaurant then please come and speak to an expert at RCS