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The AURES Sango is an award winning all-in-one touch screen terminal. designed to free up space beneath your terminal’s touchscreen! Space Under The Screen The Sango's flat LED touch screen monitor is suspended from its offset cast aluminium arm. This opens space under the screen, that could be used by a dedicated cash drawn, as there is no intrusive base, stand or foot to take over. Plus, the central unit and motherboard are held to the side in a separate polycarbonate housing. “One product ... Read more

AURES Yuno: An introduction

The AURES Yuno is the lastest touch screen Point Of Sale terminal from the makers of the popular Sango. As with all AURES terminals it's a stylish and robust product that will look great in your store. It's also fully integrated which means the computer is built neatly into the back of the screen so there is no need for a tower system that'll take up space at the counter. Here's a video detailing the top features of the AURES Yuno. The Yuno becomes ... Read more

Digipos A300: The All-In-One Fanless POS System

Retail Computer Solutions and Digipos present the A300 - the all-in-one fanless PoS System. It has a slim bezel-free design and provides high reliability to any service counter. (more…) Read more

Touch screen EPoS systems

Touch screen EPoS systems are similar to other systems however they come with a screen or monitor that allows a cashier to operate the EPoS system by simply touching the screen rather than using a mouse or keyboard. The software allows the system to perform tasks such as adding up basket totals and scanning barcodes. By simply touching the screen every function is accessible as the system is fully electronic. The touch screen The software displays the buttons on the screen virtually as ... Read more

EPoS Systems – The Touch Screen Feature

EPoS systems are used in many hospitality businesses all over the world and they are so popular because they allow businesses to accept many different payment types including credit card and debit card payments. They will also record your cash sales extremely accurately. Are you impressed? Well...This is just the basics that an EPoS will do. RCS supply fully comprehensive EPoS systems that have the ability to not only record sales but can also control stock levels whilst providing you with extremely ... Read more

EPoS System Touch Screen Terminals

We all know that times are changing and technologies are advancing so adding a Touch Screen EPoS system to your business, retail chain or restaurant will allow you to get ahead of your competitors and will increase the level of customer service that you can provide. A touch screen epos system will work similarly to your old computer, but instead of using a mouse and keyboard to navigate your way around you'll be using a touch screen action to type in any ... Read more