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Why You Should Integrate an EPoS System with Your Takeaway

A recent study found that a Briton purchases an average of 12 takeaway meals per month, spending approximately £1,320 per year!* The numbers shouldn’t surprise us; modern lifestyle, lack of time to spend in the kitchen and numerous takeaway restaurants to choose from have led many amongst us to make the fast-food and takeaway choice. Takeaways are all about fast service; well, those that are successful, at least. In order to thrive in this sector you have to offer impeccable services ... Read more

Takeaway EPoS Systems

An efficient and speedy EPoS system is crucial for the smooth running of your takeaway business. Your whole customer service experience is driven by how quickly you can serve your customers. Your service process will usually begin with order taking and an EPoS system will allow you to get your orders to your staff as quickly as possible in order to increase the speed of your service/ delivery. There are many ways in which your customer can place an order so ... Read more

EPoS Systems for Takeaways

Takeaways are the most popular that they’ve ever been and will carry on growing in popularity. RCS can provide EPoS systems that have been tailored specifically for this area of the food industry. EPos are perfect for staff who are taking orders in the takeaways becuase these systems provide a user friendly way of taking orders electronically. Not only do EPoS systems look professional but they provide your staff with clear information which means that chance of human error is drastically ... Read more