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The Advantages of Supermarket Electronic Point of Sales

An Electronic Point of Sale (also known as an EPoS system) is commonly used in supermarkets to enter sales information, manage stock inventory and to handle customer loyalty programs. To summarise the electronic point of sale is a computerized cash register that can perform many functions other than just handling transaction at a checkout. The point of sale, which is also known as a 'checkout’ or lane, is where customer transaction take place. The goal here is to process customer transactions as fast ... Read more

Aldi Online Shopping: Coming Soon?

Are rumours about the Aldi Online Shopping website a clever marketing stunt or is there a real business plan behind it? Many of the worlds top retail websites have published their thoughts on what it could mean for the retail industry especially the established eCommerce grocers. We've collected the best articles below: (more…) Read more

Is horsemeat the fuel for a farm shop revolution?

After the horsemeat scandal of the past 6 months I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anyone that consumer trust in big chain supermarkets is crumbling. This is evident by the boom it’s brought to farm shops as consumers are returning to the safety of the local butcher. The question now stands if this will be an on-going trend or can the supermarkets regain trust? For the sake of independent family butchers and the boost to local economy let’s hope not. ... Read more

RCS EPoS Systems for Supermarkets – The Roys of Wroxham Case Study

If you’ve ever been to Norfolk or Suffolk you can’t have missed it; Roys of Wroxham is the world’s largest village store and offers you a unique and amazing shopping experience. Roys of Wroxham are an independent, family owned company and a truly mixed retail supermarket business that operates in the food, fashion, DIY and toy sectors. With 1,000 members of staff and 2 distribution centres supplying 14 retail outlets, Roys needed an integrated EPoS solution in order to manage their ... Read more