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Restaurant Software to help you run your restaurant

It’s simple, easy to use and will provide your staff with a powerful tool for serving customers. Not only that it will empower you to better understand your business and customers by delivering accurate reports and analytics.

* Easy to use
* Stock management
* Powerful reports and analytics
* Full table service
* Staff scheduling and management

Our Restaurant Ordering System works on hand held devices and tablets.

So if you’d like your front of house staff to be able to process a customers order directly from the table all they need is a tablet. It works exactly like using the point of sale terminal but on a smaller screen. With touch screen buttons and the ability to send receipts and orders to a nearby printer.

Your kitchen or bar staff will have received the order before the waiter has returned.

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Once your EPoS systems is fully installed. Every unit of stock in your restaurant/bar area and every single meal that you have on your menu will be added to your system. You can then add individual prices of each individual item. These will be laid out in a user friendly, easy to find format. Once your system is up and running staff will only need to push one button on the touch screen for each individual drink, meal, or extra, it ... Read more

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