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A Hand held Terminal is an ordering device that’s used both in store and in the warehouse. They are rugged and drop resistant which makes them perfect for the demanding environment of retail, hospitality or warehouse operations.

Benefits of A Hand Held Terminal

  • You can reduce the chance of human errors as the terminals are use a visual point-of-sale interface.
  • You can take orders directly at a customers table to increases service speed which keeps customers happy.
  • You can increase employee productivity by providing a fast and accurate way of serving customers at peak times to bust queues.
  • This also leads to increased revenue.
  • You can reduce costs by lowering shrinkage and wastage with rolling stock takes. This helps to decrease inventory fraud through higher accountability and stock reporting.


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Radio Frequency & Hand-Held Terminals

RCS have a radio frequency and hand held terminal solution for your retail business. Speak to one of our EPoS retail experts today and we'll explore how we could save your money and deliver greater efficiency for your retail business. Radio Frequency & Hand-Held Terminals from Retail Computer Solutions on Vimeo. Read more

RCS Handheld Terminals

Handheld terminals can boost sales and add bottom line profits to your EPoS system. Yes! You can boost sales by always having your servers ready to take orders at any time. With handheld terminals there’s no wasted footsteps, there's no bottle neck of servers waiting to use the terminals. A good example of how handheld terminals are used would be with waitressing in busy nightclubs or out on a busy outdoor patio area. Waitresses can process many orders at one time without ... Read more

Using Handheld Devices

In large restaurant/bar chains owners and managers have identified that the longer an employee is away from a customer the less interaction they have, and the less they are selling. There's an increase in labour costs, because your employees are spending more time doing a job than they need to. This is why many bars/restaurants decide to utilise hand held devices. Your staff can take orders at the customer's table, the order is then sent straight to the kitchen printer, where the ... Read more