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Articles of interest to farm shop owners.

EU Food and Nutrition Labelling 2016 – Are You Ready?

Is Your Labelling and Production System Ready For The Changes? Overview of Key Terms Allergy and intolerance Food law, monitoring and controls Labelling, composition and date marking of food Nutritional information Country of Origin What You Need To Know About Nutritional Labelling in 2016 The biggest changes in 2016 (following on from the 2014 changes) is that nutrition labelling will be required for most pre-packed foods from 13th December 2016. If your EPoS or Production Software doesn't have the ability to produce this nutritional information ... Read more

We’re in Birmingham next week helping Farm Shop & Deli owners with their retail technology

Do you own a farm shop or delicatessen? If you do then hopefully you’re coming to the Farm Shop & Deli Show at the NEC in Birmingham. The show is a trade only event taking place on the 24th – 26th March 2014 and Retail Computer Solutions have our own stand at the show. So come along to talk to us about your business and we can give you advice on the retail system that would be good for your requirements and ... Read more

Introducing The Farm Shop’s Guide to Retail Systems

The Farm Shop's Guide to Retail Systems is a collection of articles that have been published to the Retail Computer Solutions website and are taken from over 25 years of experience serving retailers; Specifically farm shops, delicatessens and butchers. The aim of this guide is to provide a useful and practical guide for farm shop owners who’d like to learn more about retail systems and how it will benefit their business. And, by taking putting these articles in one place it makes ... Read more

The self-sufficient 1 acre homestead: USA vs Costa Rica

I first fell in love with the idea of running my own homestead when reading an article on Mother Earth News. This article detailed how to run a self-sufficient 1 acre homestead on just one acre of land. Unfortunately when I later returned to Mother Earth News the site redirected to a 403 – forbidden. (Ed: It seems the article is back online.) Thankfully the article has been reposted on Food Freedom here. With the farm shop revolution on the rise more people ... Read more

EPoS Systems for Farm Shops

By adding an EPoS System to your farm shops you can increase your profit greatly. A Farm shop needs to be in total control of their stock as many produce has short shelf life this is why it is vital to provide a speedy service at the till and to run promotions easily and quickly. EPoS systems will provide managers with extremely detailed sales reports which will help reduce stock, making it much more manageable. A basket full of fresh fruit and ... Read more

EPoS Systems in Farm Shops

“Retail Computer Solutions have been paramount to the growth of my business, a few months ago we completely re-vamped our system and totally upgraded, we added high speed PoS systems at the checkouts. We also looked at the whole scale operation, we actually re-wired the whole system so the functionality has been improved, the speed to the scales has been improved and we introduced chip and pin, RCS also do a lot of our back office support, adding an in-house server ... Read more