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Avery Berkel produce award winning weighing scales and food processing equipment. Their scales can be seen in many of the UK’s farm shops, delicatessens and supermarkets.

Avery Berkel was formed in 1993 when British conglomerate General Electric Company combined GEC Avery Ltd with the newly acquired Berkel. It has since been sold to Weigh-Tronix and most recently ITW Limited.

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User Guides: Their latest user guides can be found by visiting the Avery website.

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RCS is a proud retailer of Avery Scales. If you’d like to buy a scale for your shop, warehouse or production facility then contact us on 01924 260020 or via the website.

Avery Berkel Articles

We also produce a number of articles about Avery Berkel which you can read below.

All About The Avery Berkel FX120

The Avery Berkel FX120 is the workhorse of many checkout counters in supermarkets throughout the UK. Not only that but it's also chosen by Farm Shops, Delicatessens and Butchers as a weighing scale that integrates with their point of sale. (more…) Read more

8 Reasons why you should integrate an Avery Berkel weighing scale with your EPoS system

If you manage a butchers, a garden centre or the “fresh section” in a supermarket then you probably can’t imagine your daily routine without the use of a weighing scale. Here are 8 reasons why this scale should be an Avery Berkel one and why the Avery Berkel weighing scales are considered to be one of the best retail brands in the market! 1. They can easily be integrated with the RCS EPoS systems and be connected to the EPoS cash registers, ... Read more

Avery and Bizerba weighing scales

Complete Weighing Scales for all your retail EPoS requirements If you own or run a retail outlet and have a requirement to weigh goods at the point of sale then you will no doubt require a weighing scale. There are two trusted hardware brands on the market right now; Avery and Bizerba and these two manufacturers are renowned for delivering high quality, durable and reliable scales to clients of all sizes. Weighing scales really can help make your retail operation more ... Read more

RCS – Proud Retailer of Avery Scales

 Avery Berkel weighing scales are widely regarded as one of the biggest and best brands in the retail sector and RCS is a proud retailer of Avery scales. This means we're able to offer their products as part of our retail hardware offer. RCS were first established back in 1989 by the current directors and we have had nearly a quarter of a century’s worth of experience in the weigh scale trade. Butchers will know how important it is to have weigh scales ... Read more

Choosing the right Weighing Scale for your Garden Centre

Spring is at the gates and before you know it the air will be filled with children’s laughter and the smell of a sizzling BBQ! Garden and barbeque parties are definitely the proof that winter is over and now is that time of the year when consumers rush to garden centres to get soil, compost and seeds for their gardens. So if you run a garden centre it’s important that you have an up-to-date EPoS system as well the suitable hardware ... Read more

Reliving My Childhood – Weighing Pick ‘n’ Mix on Avery Scales

This may sound bizarre, but today I’ll be writing about pick 'n' mix as I’ve been inspired to talk about its fabulous-ness. I visited the cinema last night and I left feeling like I had re-lived my childhood after I failed to resist the temptation of the pick 'n' mix stand. I was in desperate need of a ‘lift me up’ and gorging on pick 'n' mix seemed like the only solution at the time. I'm not suggesting that pick 'n' mix ... Read more

RCS Checkout Weigh Scales

Adding checkout weighing scales to your EPoS System can offer both retailers and customers many advantages. Staffs are able to weigh all loose goods which will reduce the risk of any errors. Avery and Bizerba scales are easily integrated into your existing EPoS terminal so information can be collected at the point of sale. One of the main advantages of these scales is that customers don’t have to worry about trying to use self-service scales themselves, Sales assistants can simply scan the desired ... Read more

RCS Are a Proud Retailer of Avery Weigh Scales

Many different businesses and production methods are involved in the food industry, right from farming thorough to food processing. Hygiene, food safety, regulatory compliance, quality and production are the main factors for many businesses when it comes down to the food industry. Avery are sure to have a weighing scales to suit all stages of food production, from the farm right to your fork. Avery can ensure that your business reaches maximum productivity whilst maintaining an excellent standard of quality. It's important for ... Read more

Integrating Avery Scales Into Your EPoS System

Avery Scales can offer a range of accurate, solid weighing scales to suit any operation and configuration. These scales are perfect for delis, bakeries, butchers, supermarkets, bars/restaurants and any other retailer that sells fresh or loose goods. Retail Computer Solutions are a proud retailer of Avery Scales and we distribute a varied range of their products. This means we can suit your business requirements and specific needs. With our Point of Sale Software it's simple to integrate the scales meaning that weighted items ... Read more