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Aures manufacture stylish, robust touch screen terminals for use in a variety of retail environments.

Since 2005 Aures have provided the ability to match a terminal with your store décor and brand identity. This is done through to use of changeable coloured pannels on the hardware.

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Old products

Over their history Aures have produced a number of product lines. You can see many of these old terminals still in use today however they are being replaced by the Yuno and Sango lines.


If your using one of these terminals in your store it might be time for a hardware upgrade. Contact us to discuss what AURES Till would be great for your upgrade.


Aures support provides a great 1st year onsite support where they’re send an engineer out to fix or replace any faulty hardware.

After the 1st year you get a further 2 years return to base warranty all included in the initial cost of your terminal.

When you buy a retail technology system from RCS we further upgrade the Aures support with our own 1 stop customer care support.

Aures Drivers

Need an Aures driver for a particular piece of hardware? This is the Aures Driver page to check out.

If you’re looking for an Aures powered EPoS system then you can call RCS on 01924 260020. You may also be interested in the following articles:

Articles All About Aures


The AURES Sango is an award winning all-in-one touch screen terminal. designed to free up space beneath your terminal’s touchscreen! Space Under The Screen The Sango's flat LED touch screen monitor is suspended from its offset cast aluminium arm. This opens space under the screen, that could be used by a dedicated cash drawn, as there is no intrusive base, stand or foot to take over. Plus, the central unit and motherboard are held to the side in a separate polycarbonate housing. “One product ... Read more

AURES Yuno: An introduction

The AURES Yuno is the lastest touch screen Point Of Sale terminal from the makers of the popular Sango. As with all AURES terminals it's a stylish and robust product that will look great in your store. It's also fully integrated which means the computer is built neatly into the back of the screen so there is no need for a tower system that'll take up space at the counter. Here's a video detailing the top features of the AURES Yuno. The Yuno becomes ... Read more

Add the Latest Design and PoS Technology to Your Retail Business With RCS and AURES EPoS Solutions

Integrating the latest AURES EPoS technology with your retail or wholesale business is essential if you're looking to expand your client base and increase your profits. It goes without saying that the first step is assessing your business’s needs, prior to ordering EPoS for your company. RCS have over 25 years of experience in designing and developing EPoS solutions for the retail industry and can help you evaluate your needs, through our Retail Consultancy program. Another critical aspect of installing a new system ... Read more

Choosing the Right EPoS Hardware for Your Business

When it comes to customer service, things are moving fast in the retail sector. Not long ago cashiers would calculate the value of your purchase using a calculator, handing you a hand-written receipt; nowadays every transaction goes through an EPoS system< and self-checkout is already becoming the new market trend./a> Point of Salesoftware and hardware solutions, including features like touch screen monitors or barcode scanners, have made business management easier and more efficient than ever. They have also changed the way clients perceive ... Read more