Streetwise Enterprise

Central Control For Smart Retailers

Streetwise serves as the vital link between your store, warehouse, website and head office. It’s a central control system designed to manage every aspect of the retail supply chain. Streetwise provides enterprise-wide control and automation of the retail cycle from purchasing and distribution, to the sale of goods.

This gives your managers the business intelligence needed to succeed in the competitive retail arena.

Omnichannel As Standard

Streetwise is a head office solution which means you can offer an omnichannel experience to your customers. Products, promotions and sales can be viewed and tracked across any sales channel, be that ecommerce, instore or over the telephone.

In practical terms this means you can offer services such as:

  • Click & Collect.
  • Instore return for online purchases.
  • Stock visibility across the entire estate

Flexibility and Control

RCS’s unique ability to tailor Streetwise means we can always meet your individual business requirements, no matter what size of organisation. Our project managers and developers have decades of experience working with large international organisations and regional independents.

Here’s what one customer has to say about the system:


‘The RCS retail software solution has enhanced the planning of purchase orders and direct-to-store supplier deliveries as the system provides much more real-time information on fast moving product lines per store, reducing the need for store transfers and centralised large inventory.’

– Ross Leventhal, managing director and owner of Yorkshire Linen.

The Benefits of Streetwise

Save Time

  • Process transactions up to 60% faster – than traditional keyboard POS systems
  • Accurate stock and inventory recording – gives back up to 30% of time that would be wasted checking stock levels.
  • Quick Purchase Buttons – speed up sales of non-barcoded items

Save Effort

  • VAT and non-VAT products sales auto recorded
  • Stock takes are more efficient – as they can be carried out on a rolling cycle throughout the year
  • Quickly identify best sellers/worst sellers – and eliminate stock that is not selling well

Save Money

  • Reduce till errors by new or temporary staff
  • Apply accurate pricing across all tills and stores
  • Reduce stock holding by at least 25% – and free up capital with inventory demand reporting.

What functions are available?

  • EPoS Control
  • Point of Sale
  • Chip & Pin
  • Cash Management
  • Customer Accounts
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Goods Receiving
  • Weighing Scale Integration
  • Loyalty
  • Time & Attendance
  • ECommerce
  • Website Integration
  • Mobile Technology
  • Stock Control
  • Central Product Management
  • Central Purchasing
  • Branch Stock Control
  • Retail Accounting
  • Invoice Matching
  • Product Matching
  • Central Cash Management
  • Supplier Integration
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Warehouse Mapping
  • Performance & Fulfilment Monitoring
  • SAP & SAGE Integration
  • Delivery Scheduling
  • Picking & Dispatch
  • Plus much, much more…

Download The Streetwise Brochure

Inside the Streetwise Brochure you’ll discover:

  • The full range of services offered by Retail Computer Solutions. (p2-3)
  • An overview of the core modules that make up the solution (p4)
  • Why to choose RCS for your next solution (p5)

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