This September will see the UK’s largest showcase of fine food and drink come to the Olympia in London, and it’s going to be awesome. The show’s been running for over 3 years and it’s the definitive event for business who want to showcase their artisan food and drink to high quality trade buyers.

Who is at the fair?

As mentioned above the fair attracts high quality trade buyers looking to source fine food. But on top of the trade buyers it features many exhibitors who bring their products to the show including cheese makers, chocolatiers, brewers, bakers, confectioners and many more.

What will we be showcasing

RCS will be attending the Speciality & Fine Food Fair in September as an exhibitor and we will be showcasing our new time and attendance module.

This module will help employers track start and finish times but also any overtime worked. Added to that it makes fire drills or emergency evacuation simple as it can print out a list of staff in the building with one click on the screen.

Added to that you’ll also be able to sign up for our email list which will provide you with a number of articles that explain what EPoS is and how it will help your business.

Who we’re looking forward to meeting

We’re looking forward to meeting businesses that run their own shops and would like to implement an EPoS or stock management system. But alongside that we’re looking forward to browsing the many exhibitors’ stands and tasting great food.

Here are some of the stands we’re looking forward to visiting:



Bobo-MacaronsBobo creates unique custom made macarons which look both impressive and yummy. On their website they sell elegant gift boxes and epic towers in many different shapes and sizes. I really hope they’re giving out free samples as I have quite a sweet tooth and would love to taste their macarons.

Knockdrinna Farmhouse Cheese


Knockdrinna-Kilree-2-1024x683Cheese is another favourite food of mine so I’m sure I’ll be wandering past the cheese stalls a number of times. Kockdrinna caught my attention when they updated their catalogue profile on the #SFFF13 website. What I loved about the catalogue gallery was the way the cheese was displayed on a rustic wooden chopping board with a cheese knife next to it. The photo’s really made me want to taste the cheese.

Live cooking demonstrations

Four of the UK’s top guild chef’s will be inspiring the fine food fair’s visitors with live cooking demonstrations. They’re set to demonstrate on the last day of the event (which is the 10th Sept) and will be teaching a wide variety of dishes and techniques. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up a few tips.

If you’d like to learn more about the live demonstrations then you can read the Fine Food Fair’s article here.

Are you attending the Speciality & Fine Food Fair?

Let us know in the comments and list your stand if your exhibiting.

And don’t forget to come and visit us on stand 1029 even if it’s just to say hello or to bring a taste sample of your food.

We’ll see you there!