Ask yourself a simple question… What security requirements do you need in your point of sale system?

Do you want staff to have access to all areas of the system?

Or, do you want to restrict specific areas to managers only?
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Most of our customers like to divide access into different security levels. For example, it’s likely that a general manager will have access to all areas of the system.

Supervisors will need access to void errors and mistakes, and they will need to be able to perform a refund in case a customer isn’t happy.

Cashiers will have access to log in, open the till to take payment and process orders.

You probably won’t want a staff member to access manager reports. However, it’s up to you to decide the levels of security that you may require in your system.

If you’re not sure how to get started, or would like help, our Retail Consultants can guide you through useful security levels.

New Branches, Franchises and Expanding Your Business

If you have plans to expand into multiple branches or even a franchise then your security requirements will significantly increase.

But, that isn’t a problem.

Head office software will provide central control and security for your business. The system can handle everything from sales and stock reports by individual branch through to central purchasing and distribution. By centrally managing your stores this way you’ll gain visibility across the whole estate.

Also, similar to the in store security levels mentioned earlier you can also set branch and franchise security levels.

Here’s an example.

Central purchasing is especially useful if you run a franchise model and don’t want your franchisee to see the name of your suppliers or how much your buying products for. To restock all they need to do is submit a purchase request, which can be done from their back office, and your buyers can approve or deny the request at your head office.

Your head office can even choose to have the order delivered direct to branch, to your warehouse or redistributed from across your network or stores and warehouses.

Start planning now.

Security requirements are important to consider no matter what level of business you’re operating. Whether it’s a 5 store independent or a 600 store national retailer. Start with the basics of in store security and if you get stuck call in a retail expert.

For more information on security in retail systems please visit our Retail Security page.