The Warehouse Management System

The warehouse management system is enterprise grade inventory management software built in-house by RCS Developers. It’s designed to control either single or multiple warehouses.

Merchandise stored at the warehouse(s) can be located in either single bins, multiple bins and/or in a number of zones or, in racks for fashion retailers.

What does it do?

If you operate a warehouse as part of your retail network then the Warehouse Management System will provide everything you need to integrate your warehouse with your stores and head office. The added benefit of this is that your head office can centrally see what items you have in each warehouse, plan deliveries to stores and even order movement of stock between warehouses.

Added to that store staff will be able to search products in not only other stores but also any warehouse you operate. This gives your staff greater resources to locate a customer’s product requirements and make them happy.

The Warehouse Management System is fully integrated with the Purchasing and Goods Receipt Invoice Matching modules. This allows for the processing of receipts into the Warehouse against an outstanding Purchase Order, in part or in full and the automatic posting of the GRN (Goods Receipt Note) for subsequent matching against the Suppliers Invoice.

rcs warehouse system

Features Include

  • Receipt Of Inventory Scheduling
  • Receipt and Putaway of Inventory
  • Radio Frequency Hand Held or TruckMounted Terminals
  • Return of Stock to Supplier
  • Stock Locations
  • Stock Audit Ledger
  • Store Deliveries – Picking Lists, Dispatch & Store Charging
  • Inter-Warehouse Movement of Stock
  • Stock-Take and Audit Facilities
  • Hand Held Terminal – Picking, Inventory Counts etc.
  • Multi Bin Inventory Control
  • Warehouse Mapping
  • Shelf Life Control
  • Pick face Replenishment
  • Labour Performance Reporting
  • Service Level Reporting

Tailored to you

As every warehouse and company procedures are different we understand the need for tailoring a system to your exact requirements. The software is developed in house by our own teams giving us the ability to tailor the system to your exact needs.

The best way for us to do this is to sit down and talk about how your company operates, what you’d expect from a warehouse system and what we can do to help make your warehouses run more efficiently.

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