Time and Attendance Software


Labour Scheduling

It can be a headache to plan a staff time table that accommodates everyone’s hours and shift patterns while ensuring you have enough staff to run the shop. However, the labour scheduling feature will help to ease that burden by allowing you to set staffing schedules via the build in calendar.

The labour scheduling system can work over multiple locations, if you have more than one store, and can even be split up by region. It’s available at both the POS and at either the back office or head office level.


Reports and Timesheets

Worried that your staff are arriving late and finishing early? But you can’t be in every store to check?

Worry no longer. The Time & Attendance module from RCS has powerful reporting and timesheet functionality. Here are a few reports you can run right out of the box:

  • Employee summary including holidays taken/outstanding/pending/pending authorisation
  • Actual ins outs vs scheduled shift patterns
  • Late reports
  • Attendance
  • Labour Time & Financial Forcast

Multisite Functionality

Easily scale your labour scheduling and resource management across multiple sites. And let your HR department access the reports and timesheets for any store across your retail estate.

This is a powerful ability because it means you can do a number of things:

  • Compare staff attendance, holidays and performance at different shops.
  • Reschedule staff from one location to another if you need to cover shortfalls in labour.
Multisite Time & Attendance

Time and Attendance Back Office

The Time and Attendance module records hours worked, time started and finished. Also when you access this part of the EPoS System you can loads time sheets, holiday requests, sick and absent reports. This can help to especially if you have a number of staff split over many departments.


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