Point Of Sale

A Simple Way To Do More Than Take Payments

The Point of Sale (shortened to POS) is the heart of Streetwise Enterprise. This is because it’s the main way your front of house staff will engage with the system.

Through the POS staff can capture customer details, view stock positions at other locations and record an unlimited number of PLUs. As a standard feature the dynamic keyboard gives you the option to build an unlimited number of keyboard layouts. So if you wanted to create a new layer for each product type you can do.

Below you can see a strong selection of features that are available directly from the Point of Sale System. However, as it’s such a functionally rich and configurable POS there are features not listed here. You can download a checklist if you’d like to see a full list of features.

I want to download the feature checklist.

point of sale

Standard Features

Unlimited PLUs

Dynamic Keyboard

Floating Operator

Promotions, Offers and Price Reductions

Product/Shelf Edge Labelling

Integrated Chip & Pin

Stock Taking

View Stock Positions At Other Locations

Order/Place Demand



Capture Customer Details

Customer Loyalty Cards

Gift Vouchers




Customer Accounts

A4 Invoice Printing

Credit Notes


Keyboard Design

Dynamic Keyboard

Images On Buttons

Table Service

Related Modules

Loyalty & CRM

Keep customers returning to your store.

Customer Accounts

Great for business customers and sales order processing.


Perfect for cafes, restaurants and table service.


I want to download the feature checklist.