Loyalty and CRM



The RCS Customer Loyalty and CRM module captures customer transaction details allowing you to create a host of reports identifying trends but also use the system to create mail merges or email marketing based on the data you’ve gathered.

Through the reports designer you’ll be able to identify the highest and lowest spending customers as well as those who spend more often with you. Critically you’ll also be able to identify the average basket size for your customers and perform in-house marketing campaigns that cross-sell items to increase the average basket size.

Because you know what products customers are buying you can then target product promotions to relevant customers.

Reward your customers

Point values are allocated to individual products or groups through the back office software. When these products are sold the individual customer will be rewarded.

Each customer is allocated a unique customer loyalty card which can be swiped or scanned at the point of sale during a transaction to allocate product points to that customer’s loyalty profile. You can set different loyalty profiles – for example a staff loyalty card or a bronze, silver and gold level. Each loyalty level can have different reward amounts that can be generic or product specific.

Alternatively customers can be found at point of sale by surname or postcode if they have forgotten their loyalty card.


Redeem Loyalty

The customer reward points built up can then be accepted as a payment option. This allows your customers to quickly and easily redeemed their points for prizes at any point they choose.

Keep customers coming back

RCS’s customer loyalty module can deliver comprehensive, up-to-date and targeted marketing campaigns that encourage customers to return to your store. Insights into the most regular and profitable customers provide further opportunities to cross-sell and improve the customer’s shopping experience.

Further to that campaigns can be set for managing marketing activities either by direct mail (mail merge), email (using the built in email marketing software or third party applications) or SMS text messaging (3rd party text message software required).

Note: Data can be exported into csv for use with 3rd party software applications.


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Loyalty and CRM