Hospitality Software

Table Service

Effectively managing tables in your café or restaurant is key to running a successful business. That’s why our Hospitality Module comes with complete table service. A diagram of your cafe/restaurant is shown on the till screen along with each and every table, also the tables are colour coded depending on the tables status.

This makes it easy to see which tables are free and ready for customers to sit at. It also holds the order information for that table and can be viewed by simply clicking on the table.


Service Charge

You can set the level of service charge and when it should be applied.

So you may decide to only apply a service charge on groups larger than 8 people. Or maybe if a customer has only sat at the bar then they don’t get charged for service.

With the RCS Hospitality module it’s all in your control.

Kitchen and Bar Printing

With the Hospitality module activated on your EPoS System you can choose exactly where order tickets are sent. For example let’s say you operate both a bar and a kitchen. When an order is placed through your POS the system can split the order so the food order is sent to the kitchen printer and the drinks order is sent to the bar printer.

Added onto that, if you have two floors and a bar on each level then the system is able to send the drinks order to the bar closest to where your customers are sitting. This will enable your bar staff to serve more customers because they’re serving in their immediate area rather than running all over your restaurant, café or bar.


Bill Splitting

Customers like to eat out with friends which usually means they also like to split the bill with friends. This is not a problem for you and your staff. Simply open the table, choose the items being paid for at the time and take payment. The system will then check those items off the total bill. This can be done a number of times for everyone who needs to pay individually.

Moving Tables

You’ll find that moving customers to a different table doesn’t cause the same headache it once used to. With the Hospitality Module all you need to do is click on the items that need to move and choose which table to move them to, or move all items with a single button.

This means it doesn’t matter if 1 person moves or the whole party moves.


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