Customer Accounts


Manage Customers

Create customer accounts, edit their details or even delete them completely. Control credit limits and even create a customer hierarchy for invoicing purposes.

Identify Buying Trends

Which of your customers buy from you at certain times of the day, month, year? Also what items do they buy and in what quantity? With a complete buying history for each customer you’ll be able to see the trends that influence your profit. So next time you’ll be able to run more targeted marketing campaigns and cross sell or even up sell new products to your customers.


Customer Specific Pricing

With a customer account you’re able to set specific pricing depending on who the customer is. So you may decide that one customer always gets a 20% discount as they are trade or another customer receives a 40% discount but only on a specific item because they regularly buy large quantities of that item from you.

Payoff accounts at the till or on monthly invoice

Your customers are able to put products on an account order at the POS which they can be invoiced for at a later date. The EPoS System will automatically produced statements and invoices. Payments can be taken over the phone, through the POS or at the back office to pay off accounts or part accounts.


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Customer Accounts