Once your EPoS systems is fully installed. Every unit of stock in your restaurant/bar area and every single meal that you have on your menu will be added to your system. You can then add individual prices of each individual item. These will be laid out in a user friendly, easy to find format. Once your system is up and running staff will only need to push one button on the touch screen for each individual drink, meal, or extra, it really is that easy – so there’s no need to worry about staff who aren’t used to using computers as EPoS systems have been designed with this in mind.

Every single price has already been added onto the system, so this eliminated any potential human errors. It’s also incredibly easy to add or make changes any prices. If you’re customer requires a receipt then this is not a problem. You can integrate a receipt printer with your EPoS system; you’re then able to print each individual order to keep your customers happy. You can also run special offers on your EPoS, you can simply enter the dates and times you wish the promotion to run for and the system will automatically recalculate any price changes during that period of time.

The information on your EPoS systems can only be changed by authorised personnel; this means that these designated people will have full control over price changes, refunds and voiding items. You as a manger will have full control of every section of the system, giving you greater control of your business.

If you’d like to find out more about EPoS systems, please visit the RCS website – https://rcs-uk.com/