This may sound bizarre, but today I’ll be writing about pick ‘n’ mix as I’ve been inspired to talk about its fabulous-ness. I visited the cinema last night and I left feeling like I had re-lived my childhood after I failed to resist the temptation of the pick ‘n’ mix stand.

I was in desperate need of a ‘lift me up’ and gorging on pick ‘n’ mix seemed like the only solution at the time. I’m not suggesting that pick ‘n’ mix is the cure to all of your problems, nor is it a solution every time you have a bad day BUT it does serve its purpose as a fantastic comfort food!

I approached the stand with eye’s wide and mouth watering and I was completely overwhelmed with the selection of vibrant colours and mixtures of irresistible smells; I felt like a kid again, all of the problems that occurred throughout the day seemed very minimal when deciding what to go for. After picking out almost every sweet on the shelf with my plastic scooper (I don’t think my boyfriend was too impressed) it was time to weigh them! I couldn’t help but feel the excitement and suspense build and I approached the scales! (Again, it felt like I was a child). I couldn’t help but notice print on the front of this magical machine read ‘Avery’ who I know is a very popular brand of high quality weigh scales, so I knew the reading would be accurate. I slowly placed the bag on the scale with and I found myself thinking “what will the price be for all of these goodies…actually I don’t care!” in suspense I waited but in no time at all the reading shot from £0.00 to £3.25 to my surprise I found this very reasonable, in fact – a total bargain because the whole experience brought so many fantastic childhood memories flooding back, from choosing my favourite sweets through to finding out the price on the Avery weighing scale.

In my opinion you can’t put a price on happiness and I would recommend that every adult should pay the pick ‘n’ mix stand a visit whilst they’re at the cinema because you’re guaranteed to walk away with a smile on your face and childhood memories flooding through your mind…Priceless!