If you are a multi-site retailer then the heart of your business beats in the head office; since every major decision that affects even the remotest store is made there and all feedback is sent back to it, every retail head office tends to be a really busy operational centre that can become difficult to organise and manage. Thankfully, EPoS systems did not only change customers’ experience around the world but also the way businesses manage their everyday functions and operations.

The RCS Retail Head Office Management System is designed to provide control over a number of retail branch stores as well as over one or more warehouses. Functions such as budget development and implementation, purchasing, accounting, human resources, payroll, facilities management and branch stock control form part of the daily routine in a head office. That is why our Head Office Management System incorporates features that can help you manage all these functions of vital importance to your business –and even more!

To begin with, the system gives you the ability to coordinate the product management, the cash management and the purchasing centrally; this way you can always have a detailed image of the functions that determine your company’s success. Stock management, which can easily become a headache if you are a multi-site retailer with numerous stores nationwide, becomes easier and more efficient and mistakes are avoided thanks to the “Branch Stock Control” function. The system also integrates features like Retail Accounting, Invoice Matching, EPoS Control, Supplier Integration and Web Sites Integration that will help you manage every aspect of the daily routine around the Head Office. The system integrates into Sage, Quick-books, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP, so no matter which software you might already be using it can be easily connected with the RCS system.

In addition to the above you can always choose to integrate the Warehouse Management System into the Head Office System. If your business counts not only a number of stores and a head office but also one or more warehouses, then our Warehouse Management System will help you manage your warehouse facilities efficiently –and now you can do that seated behind your desk in your office!

Effective and efficient head office management determines if a business is successful or not. If you are interested in learning more about the RCS Retail Head Office Management System don’t hesitate to contact RCS today or give us a call on 01924 260020! For more information visit our website – https://rcs-uk.com/.