Whether you are a small business owner or a manager of a multi-chain organisation, installing the right EPoS solution can help you manage your business more efficiently and increase your sales. In the modern retail sector, EPoS software is one of the basic factors that determine whether a company runs smoothly, generating profit, or not. To make the most of EPoS technology, though, not only do you have to use the right software solution but also to choose efficient hardware equipment. Depending on your business’s operations, RCS can provide the latest, quality and cost-efficient EPoS hardware solutions to match your needs. Here are a few of our hardware products:

Servers & PCs

In order to increase your productivity and sales rates, your business has to be equipped with fast, efficient and quality hardware. The first step to a successful hardware upgrade is to replace your old servers and PCs with new ones. High capacity hardware is essential to an efficient, Total EPoS solution and RCS has a unique range of servers, modems and PCs to offer.

Touch Screen Monitors & Computers

Touch Screen monitors minimise the time your staff need to complete a product search or a transaction. All the available product information can be found just by pressing one or two buttons, and in a matter of seconds! Another advantage of Touch-Screen terminals is that anyone can use them! The members of your staff don’t have to be computer geniuses to operate the RCS Touch Screen EPoS systems, and that means that replacing your old cash registers or computers with Touch Screen ones will not cause any disruptions to your daily operations.

Barcode Scanners

Modern retailers use barcode scanners in order to offer quick service to their clients and to eliminate the possibility of errors at the same time. Scanning a barcode has never been easier, since the scanner holder gains access to all the available information in just a few milliseconds. This way staff’s productivity rates increase dramatically, errors no longer form part of the daily schedule and profits rise. RCS is a supplier of Radio Frequency hardware that can be used either in a retail outlet or in a warehouse. You can use the RCS scanners for stocktaking, to run stock controls and enquiries or to check products’ prices. If you are a warehouse manager, RCS has also developed an innovative EPoS hardware solution that allows you to manage picking or shipping using voice commands!

Chip & Pin

Pin pads are used for debit and credit cards processing in almost every store nowadays; Chip and Pin technology has minimised the risk of fraud during the last few years, and has helped businesses to increase their profits, since more consumers choose to purchase goods using their credit or debit cards. The RCS Chip & Pin solution is fully integrated with the RCS-PoS and helps you ensure that your business’s and your clients’ finances are fraud-proof.


Various and numerous printers are required in a complex retail environment and RCS offers a full range of EPoS printers to choose from. Depending on your needs, you can find the solution that best suits your business amongst the latest office, receipt and label printers.

Weighing Scales

Weighing scales have been indispensable accessories for butchers, farm shops, garden centres or supermarkets for many decades; nowadays weighing scales can be connected to the EPoS system. RCS is a proud retailer of Bizerba and Avery EPoS weighing scales, giving the modern retailer the opportunity to obtain precise data in just a few seconds.

For more information on the RCS EPoS hardware solutions, please contact one of our experts today or visit our website –  https://rcs-uk.com/.