Avery Berkel weighing scales are widely regarded as one of the biggest and best brands in the retail sector and RCS is a proud retailer of Avery scales. This means we’re able to offer their products as part of our retail hardware offer.

RCS were first established back in 1989 by the current directors and we have had nearly a quarter of a century’s worth of experience in the weigh scale trade.

Butchers will know how important it is to have weigh scales as this piece of equipment is key in the day to day running of the business. It’s vital they’re reliable and incredibly accurate in order to keep integrity with customers returning through the door. Avery scales are perfect because they have excellent software functionality that meets the specific needs of a Butchery Business.

RCS provide a range of touch screen till scales that are incredibly easy to use because what you see is what you get! Staff don’t have to be tech savvy at all in order to operate these pieces of equipment. Avery scales are integrated with the till systems which mean that each sale is automatically stored into the system so there’s no need to keep a paper record only to have to input date again. 

Adding Avery scales to your business will reduce the chances of a mistake occurring because they are so accurate and reliable.  All the counter operators have to do is place the meat on the scale and press the matching product on the screen, the scale system will then automatically work out the price for you.

One of the main benefits of Avery Berkel weighing scales is that your queue times will be reduced  greatly meaning you’ll provide a better customer experience. The scales also have the option for an interactive rear display which means you’re able to display product logos, special offers, images and other advertisements.

If you’re looking to integrate an Avery scale into your existing EPoS systems then please come and speak to one of our Retail hardware specialists today alternatively you can contact us via the website.

We’re a proud retailer of Avery Scales and would strongly recommend them to any butcher, farm shop, delicatessen or business looking for weighing scales.