Handheld terminals can boost sales and add bottom line profits to your EPoS system. Yes! You can boost sales by always having your servers ready to take orders at any time.

With handheld terminals there’s no wasted footsteps, there’s no bottle neck of servers waiting to use the terminals. A good example of how handheld terminals are used would be with waitressing in busy nightclubs or out on a busy outdoor patio area. Waitresses can process many orders at one time without having to go back to the bar at each time.

The great thing about a hand held terminal is that they fit right in the palm of your hand and it has all of the same functionalities of a regular sized terminal. All of the RCS operations such as manager functions and time clock adjustments are available on the handheld terminal.

Discounts for staff and customers can also be performed easily on the terminals. This can save time by not having a manager always having to go and find an open terminal.

The best thing about the hand held is that there is no need for any additional training. Everything on the handheld is exactly the same as it would be on a regular terminal, there’s no need to learn a new software interface.

You can have RCS in the palm of your hand and not sacrifice any of the RCS user friendly features. All the functions are identically the same. Stepping through an RCS order screen is as easy as it is on a regular sized screen and it’s entered directly as a customer says their orders. Servers don’t have to write it down and then find an available terminal to process the order. The speed of service is tremendous! Simply enter what you need and they you’ll be on your way. No wasted steps!

If you’d like more information on how you can boost your sales with handheld terminal visit the RCS website – https://rcs-uk.com/