If you’ve ever been to Norfolk or Suffolk you can’t have missed it; Roys of Wroxham is the world’s largest village store and offers you a unique and amazing shopping experience. Roys of Wroxham are an independent, family owned company and a truly mixed retail supermarket business that operates in the food, fashion, DIY and toy sectors. With 1,000 members of staff and 2 distribution centres supplying 14 retail outlets, Roys needed an integrated EPoS solution in order to manage their staff and facilities efficiently. RCS have designed and developed a total, one-stop, tailored to their needs EPoS solution that includes software, hardware and serviceware features.

Starting with the EPoS software solution, RCS have supplied Roys with a fully integrated system that operates throughout their mixed retail business and comprises the Retail Head Office Management System, the Warehouse Management System and the RCS EPoS In-store systems. Thanks to the installation of a VPN Network throughout the organisation and to our Head Office programme for multi-site retailers, Roys control their business centrally from their head office in Wroxham. All their stores are online at all times, constantly updating the central database with sales data; that means that the merchandisers and managers are always up-to-date with the latest sales or stock information and can manage the business centrally, without wasting valuable time on multiple locations. The central system manages 600,000 sku’s and processes up to 30,000 sales transactions per night. Moreover, the system integrates with the Sage, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP systems, giving Roys the opportunity to maintain central control over accounting, purchasing, cash management and stock control. One of the main advantages of the RCS EPoS systems is the ability to manage and report at product level but also at style colour and size level for fashion based products.

The head Office system is directly linked to the Warehouse Management, giving Roys the ability to maintain central control over multiple warehouse facilities together with optional voice picking and RF functions. Roys are in a position to maintain overall control throughout their multi-site business, managing store deliveries, stock control and staff performance from their head office. RCS have also installed EPoS systems in each Roys store; every store uses the RCS-PoS system with the Touch-screen EPoS features and has integrated Chip & Pin. Via the VPN network every store also has access to up-to-date product availability information throughout the organisation.

RCS have provided Roys with the latest hardware equipment; to name only a few, new Servers, PCs, Weighing Scales, Barcode Scanners and Hand-Held Terminals have been installed throughout the organisation. Last but not least, RCS is always on Roys’ side providing training, support and maintenance, 364 days per year!

For us here at RCS it has been a great pleasure to work with Roys of Wroxham. If you run a multi-store, mixed retail business our total EPoS solutions can help you manage it more efficiently and increase your profits. If you want to find out more about RCS and our EPoS systems contact us or visit our website for more information – https://rcs-uk.com/.