An EPoS system allows businesses to deal with their customers in a quick and efficient way whilst reducing the chance of any human errors. It’s an electronic system that calculates the total sales, and lets your employees know how much change that they should be giving the customers. They also have the ability to issue receipts, whilst keeping stock levels up to date and taking card payments at the same time meaning that EPoS systems are suited to any sales environment!

RCS will install your EPoS systems using a number of skilled engineers and will also provide training and support for the staff that’ll be using it, no matter what day of the year.  RCS can ensure that the EPoS system that they install will suit your business needs and that other peripheral such as cash registers fit your business specifications. This will ensure that you’re getting the best possible use from your EPoS system whilst making sure that your customers are happy.

RCS can even advise on the sitting of your EPoS systems, they will figure out what would be best for your business and will help you to decide whether it’s better to have a free standing system, or one incorporated into your bar or worktop. RCS can also advise you on the amount of cabling that may be required as well as helping you to find a system to suit your budget.

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