Many different businesses and production methods are involved in the food industry, right from farming thorough to food processing. Hygiene, food safety, regulatory compliance, quality and production are the main factors for many businesses when it comes down to the food industry.

Avery are sure to have a weighing scales to suit all stages of food production, from the farm right to your fork. Avery can ensure that your business reaches maximum productivity whilst maintaining an excellent standard of quality.

It’s important for food safety and food hygiene levels to be of a high standard in the fresh food processing industry, but it’s also important for businesses to maximise their productivity levels in order to minimise food waste.  Weighing scales from Avery can help fresh food retailers to maximise their performance whist looking after profits.

Avery scales are designed and built for constant use and intensive cleaning (things that are happen on a day to day basis in the fresh food industry) these scales are completely user friendly which means that your staff don’t have to be tech savvy to understand how they work. The easy to read features mean that waste is kept to a minimum.

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