Security of point-of-sale systems is a challenging issue for every retail business.

A recent survey showed that the retail industry alone made up 45% of data breach investigations in 2012, the highest ever in retail history! And even though you might think big businesses would be key targets small businesses are in fact more vulnerable since they tend to have weaker computer systems and therefore get targeted by hackers more often.

So, if you own a small business and thought that hiring an EPoS system expert is a luxury, you might want to reconsider.

Here at RCS we have been designing and developing EPoS systems for retail businesses for the last 24 years and we know that quick, effective services and data safety guarantee your customers’ loyalty to your business. Our Touch Screen EPoS solutions offer the quickest of services and are always developed with each retailer’s specific needs in mind, in order to cover the needs of all types of businesses, from multi-chain retailers to independent ones.

In the era of credit card payments and transactions over the internet a retailer really needs a credible e-commerce and/or a chip & pin system to rely on. We have developed a Chip & Pin Solution that is fully integrated in the RCS-PoS and provides all the security features your business needs in order to safeguard your customers’ finances and data. In addition to that we have developed a holistic Retail Technology and E-Commerce Solution which offers every retailer the opportunity to expand his business over the world wide web while maintaining central management over the traditional sales as well – without having to worry about hackers breaking in to his clients’ accounts!

Preventing data breach and fraud losses is a matter of great importance in the modern retail industry. It’s not only about the thousands or millions of pounds you may end up losing; it’s also about customers’ trust in your business and avoiding brand and reputation damage! With our EPoS systems that integrate the Chip & Pin and/or the E-Commerce solution you can rest assured that any transaction including processing, storing and transmitting of credit/debit card data is 100% safe.

For more information on security in retail systems please visit our Retail Security page.

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