Picking Apportionment

Organisational tools for warehouse stock & picking, to help you maintain high service levels

Picking Apportionment

All warehouses require the most efficient organisation to ensure goods are delivered to stores or customers with the best use of available space, time and human resource.

Whether that is in the replenishment of stock from bulk stock locations, the putaway process, distribution process or picking, Streetwise has a rich variety of warehouse functions, from cross-dock ordering to the warehouse picking studio, that will assist the warehouse management team to utilise the best methods of achieving high service levels.

Picking apportionment helps to ensure high service levels across all stores, where store orders are apportioned against the available stock in the warehouse.

Stock can either be apportioned by a standard ‘use the oldest stock first’ method, which is best for goods that have a reasonable shelf life. Or, the store orders can be apportioned so that each store gets a mixture of old and new stock so that the oldest stock can be sent out across all stores to ensure wastage is minimised and more and fresher stock is available in the stores, keeping customers happy, and maximising the sales potential.

Within the warehouse, handheld or truck-mounted terminals can be used to replenish the pick face, pick the stock, and provide quality assurance checking.

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