Goods Receipt Invoice Matching

Utilise staff for more strategic tasks and reduce overpayments to suppliers

Goods Receipt Invoice Matching

Our Goods Receipt Invoice Matching feature allows you to utilise your staff for more strategic tasks and reduces overpayments to your suppliers.

The delivery of goods from suppliers requires careful monitoring to ensure that what has been delivered to your store or warehouse matches with the supplier invoice. The Streetwise Goods Receipt Invoice Matching feature will automatically check supplier invoices against goods received, producing a clear and informed course of action.

Tolerances by the supplier ensure that small discrepancies on the invoice can still be passed automatically through to accounts without the need for manual intervention.

The comprehensive matching process will allow the user to see the GRN and invoice so that decisions can be made by the accounts team for investigation. Automatically approved or manually approved invoices are passed straight through to the accounts system (e.g. Sage).

Credit notes or refunds can also be generated by the system where duplicates or discrepancies have been alerted.

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