Cash Office

A set of must-have tools to help you manage your cash tills and gain complete traceability

Cash Office Management

Manage, monitor, and analyse the cash coming in and going out of your stores using our Streetwise Cash Office system.

See the monetary values within the cash office, tills, or in the safe at any point in time. This allows for visibility and reporting of cash discrepancies and the number of end-of-day re-counts, which can then be analysed.

Alerts can be produced which detect suspicious behaviour. Such transparency of the cash management process across the whole of the company, along with control points, is vital in eliminating errors (or fraud) when handling cash.

The RCS Cash Office Management module optimises the end-of-day cash office to minimise any money left in the till drawers to be re-used as the start of day float, reducing time and how much is banked. This module also allows you to analyse what is happening with clerks and sales, from the store or head office.

Product Features

Below you can see a selection of features that are available directly from the Cash Office module. Please get in touch with us to discuss the features in more detail.
  • Enter Start of Day floats
  • Record till lifts out of the tills and into the safe
  • Record end of day z-reads (by selecting or scanning receipts from the tills)
  • Count and re-count till drawers
  • Count and re-count the safe
  • Record money in and out of the cash office
  • Cash Bag management
  • Record Banking and cash bag serial numbers
  • Analyze cash office by area manager
  • Analyze by head office or senior area manager
  • No sales
  • End of day re-counts
  • Start of day float re-counts
  • Safe Values and Counts
  • Drawer Count Discrepancies
  • Discounts by clerk
  • Refunds by Clerk
  • Banking analysis
  • Paid In / Paid Out analysis
  • Reason Code analysis
  • Cash bag history
  • Refund analysis
  • Tender analysis
  • Average transaction
  • Full audit trace
  • In depth sales reporting and more

Extend your reporting requirements with easy to use user defined reporting and also view detailed and summary analysis at the head office, by store, area, area manager, senior area manager, etc.

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