Some people may think that EPoS systems are just cash registers that can only be described as ‘fancy calculators’ with a cash drawer attached that sits at the end of a shopping isle which will issue you with the correct change.

This couldn’t be any further from the truth; a modern day POS system is an integrated computer that can tell you anything you need to know about your buying history as it has the ability to communicate right back through the history of the stores supply chain reaching as far back as the factory if necessary.

Now, this isn’t too bad for a machine that originates right back to the 1800’s to say it was originally used to produce receipts – one kept by the merchant and kept by the customer. Before EPoS systems existed stores hardly knew anything about their customers. Thanks to the advances in technology, the chances are that a shop will know a lot about you before you even enter the premises. Loyalty card hold detailed and valuable information about its owners and this is priceless for a business.

Retailers are pushing harder to gather data so they can make better business decisions. This is particularly important when it comes to the supply chain because as soon as a product is taken off the shelf and paid for a new one is shipped as a replacement.

PoS systems don’t just suit the needs of the retailer but they take into account the suppliers and manufacturers.

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