Blacker Hall Farm Shop Deli Cheese
Image courtesy of Blacker Hall Farm Shop

In the era of pre-prepared food and plastic delight, tasting freshly-made meals on a daily basis or enjoying a glass of wine with a Camembert slice during lunch break seem like a luxury we can’t afford. But is this true? I’ll admit, it’s easy to give in to the easy temptation of fast food, as fast-food chains have a shop at every corner, but it isn’t always that difficult to “dig out” a nice restaurant or deli in your area –you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s not always more expensive either!

Here at RCS we pride ourselves on being experts in developing EPoS systems for delis, farm shops and restaurants; today we decided to share with you a few of our favourite delis out there! So, here is our list with the best delis in the world (or, at least, for us!).


1. Katz’s Delicatessen in New York

Established in 1888, Katz’s is the oldest deli in town! Offering its customers a wide variety of sausages and Jewish delicacies, it is the only place where manual techniques are used to carve pastrami and beef! And whether or not you’ve been to New York, you might have seen this deli before, as it was the place where Harry (Billy Crystal) met Sally (Meg Ryan)!

This is Harry’s epic meeting with Sally


2. Franchi in Rome

Fans of Italian prosciutto and salami… this is your heaven on Earth! People form queues in order to purchase goodies from this Roman deli, and it’s no wonder; from local olives and fresh pasta to truffles and caviar, its shelves allow you to add as much luxury to your meals as you want. Its staff is always friendly and ready to satisfy your every need in the traditional, Italian way! So if your steps take you to Rome for a Roman holiday, don’t forget to try a few of their freshly cooked dishes and their wines!

3. Barcomi’s Deli in Berlin

If you have ever been to Berlin you know that walking around the city can exhaust even the fittest amongst us. When it’s time for a quick coffee and sweet or a snack, then Barcomi’s is the place to head to. Established by an American (!), this deli is THE place to browse for pastry; with a wide range of homemade pies, cookies, bagels and muffins, you can’t miss the opportunity to drool in front of the counter with the giant muffins (yes, there’s definitely an American behind all this)!

4. East Dulwich Deli in London

Who said that food isn’t a luxury? You are allowed to spoil yourself every now and then and if that’s the case these days, then the East Dulwich Deli in London is the place to visit to indulge in a few gastronomical extravagances! The motto of its owners is that good nutrition means eating healthily and envisaging food as a pleasure and their products and dishes prove that they mean what they say! Don’t miss a chance to drop by and taste one of their delicious salads!


And our local favourite…

5. Blacker Hall Farm Shop in Wakefield

Blacker Hall Farm Shop DeliUsing top quality dairy products and meats from their farm to prepare homemade, award winning products, the Garthwaite family runs one of the top food destinations in Yorkshire! Visiting the Blacker Hall Farm Shop and Deli isn’t just something that you should do during your lunch break… Do it properly; put the kids in the back seat on a sunny Sunday morning and drive over to their farm for an unforgettable weekend experience! While the children explore the farm, make the most of this opportunity to discover their wines and taste their homemade quiches, pâtés and pies!


But what is it that makes a delicatessen “great”? This is the question that thousands of food experts and deli enthusiasts have to answer for the Deli of the Year Award. Is a grand collection of cheeses and cold cuts enough to make a deli everyone’s favourite? Well, here is what the Guardian’s Tony Naylor suggests to deli owners and staff, if they want to steal their customers’ heart.

At RCS we know that when it comes to running a business in the hospitality sector, offering a combination of top notch products and services is what turns a business start-up into a success story! Throughout the years, many delis, restaurants and farm shops have benefited from RCS’s bespoke EPoS solutions; for us understanding your business’s particularities is a prerequisite for the development of an efficient EPoS system. RCS can also offer you a wide range of options when it comes to EPoS hardware solutions for your business; our experts can help you choose amongst our EPoS scales, Touch Screen terminals, peripherals or anything else you might need!

So whether your run a small, local deli, a family farm shop or a chain of restaurants, don’t hesitate to contact RCS today and talk to one of our Retail Experts or visit our website for more information –!