Add the freedom of a mobile point of sale to your business.

Let me introduce you to the latest retail innovation from Retail Computer Solutions. All the benefits of the RCS point of sale software running on a windows tablet (Cilo in this example) combined with the Miura contactless portable payment system.



The Cilo POS tablet is a rugged and durable tablet designed to provide high performance in the retail, hospitality and warehouse environment. Combined with the successful RCS point of sale software you can now do everything a fixed POS terminal can do while on the move.

As you can see in the image below:

The Miura comes with a fully integrated chip and pin terminal that slots neatly into the hand grip on the back while not in use.


Samsung phone included for scale.

When your customer is ready to pay all you need to do is slide the Miura portable Chip and Pin reader from the tablet and hand it over to your customer.

They can then choose to either insert their card into the Miura or use it’s contactless functionality. You can tender the sale by pressing a button on the RCS POS software. There is no need to retype the bill into the chip and pin as it’s fully integrated with the RCS mobile point of sale software.

Combined with a mobile receipt printer the RCS point of sale software will allow you to service your customer, produce a bill, take payment and produce a receipt. This is a fast and robust solution to serve customers while on the move.

Here’s a close up of the M010 Chip & Pin Terminal:


Here are some quick benefits of our mPOS solution

  • Queue Busting
  • Table Ordering – waiters can place a customers order at the table. Food orders will then be sent to your kitchen and drinks orders sent straight to the bar.
  • Table Management – open/close tables right from the tablet.Produce the bill as you’re serving the customer and take payment there and then using the contactless chip and pin terminal. Split bills. Move customers to a different table etc.

Full point of sale functionality